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About Sensitive Teeth/Pangingilo

Understanding Your Teeth

Your Enamel and Sensitive Teeth

Exposure of your tooth's dentine is the cause of regular or occasional nerve tooth pain and sensitive teeth/pangingilo, which can be quite annoying. Dentine lies just below the enamel. Thousands of microscopic tubes run through the dentine. Once dentine is exposed, the nerves within these tubules may become susceptible to triggers such as cold food or drinks resulting in a short, sharp nerve pain in the tooth."Dentine hypersensitivity" (sensitive teeth/pangingilo) is the feeling of pain when you stimulate the exposed dentine of the tooth and your teeth hurt from exposure to that stimuli.
Sensodyne Freiliegendes Dentin
Good Oral Health Begins with Understanding Your Teeth

This diagram can also help you understand why dentine plays such an important role in causing that painful tooth nerve pain and sensitive teeth/pangingilo.

With Sensodyne Sensodyne with Potassium creates a barrier to the sensation of pain and, with regular brushing, builds long-lasting protection.

Mit Sensodyne Zahnpasta

Without Sensodyne Nerves within the tooth are triggered by hot and cold stimuli due to worn enamel or receding gums.

Ohne Sensodyne-Zahnpasta

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