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Protection For Kids

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Pronamel for Children Toothpaste

Acid Wear is a growing concern, with 79% of UK dental professionals reporting that they see children with signs of Acid Wear on a weekly basis.

Pronamel for Children is an everyday children's toothpaste which helps protect teeth from Acid Wear. It works by re-hardening acid-softened tooth enamel, making it more resistant to further acid attack. It has low abrasivity to limit further wear from toothbrushing. It is also pH neutral and contains fluoride to help prevent cavities.

This specially formulated toothpaste for children should be used twice a day to help protect against Acid Wear and tooth decay. Although recommended for children over the age of 6 years, in cases in which the early signs of Acid Wear and tooth decay are apparent in children under the age of 6, Pronamel for Children may be used with the guidance of your dentist.

How Pronamel for Children Works
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Pronamel For Kids
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